The Moti Group

The Team

Central to the Moti Group success
is a highly specialised team forming
the backbone of day-to-day operations.

Zunaid Moti

Chairman – Moti Group

Ashruf Kaka

Chief Advisor – Moti Group

Mikaeel Moti

Mergers & Acquisitions

Humayra Moti

Property Management

Salim Bobat

General Finance – Moti Group

Wiid Rossouw

Mergers & Acquisitions

Faheem Karolia

Mergers & Acquisitions

Nadia Mahne

Executive Client Liaison

Sven Linstrom

Chief of Staff (Operations)

Dave Willoughby


Natalie Graaff

Legal, Compliance & Governance

Bianca Waskow

Legal, Compliance & Governance

Philip Spies

Compliance, Risk & Governance

Denesh Naidoo

Head of IT

Josie van Niekerk

Head of Aviation

Greg Fulton

Aviation Maintenance

Mark Beukes

Mining & Beneficiation

Yolindie Somers

Company Secretary

Candy Bell

Company Secretary

Zaakir Mahomed

Human Resources

Michael Langlois

Property Portfolio Manager

Cristian Caravello

Fleet Manager