Moti Group Chairman Wins African Leadership Award

South African businessman, Zunaid Moti’s commitment to job creation on the African continent has landed him a spot in the African Leadership Hall of Fame. As Chairman of the Moti Group, Moti has also been awarded the honour of being a recipient of the prestigious African Leadership Award. This esteemed ceremony will take place at the forthcoming East African Business Summit & Awards, to be held in Kigali, Rwanda in late July 2018.

In nine years, African Leadership Awards has been presented to past and sitting presidents; major business leaders; diplomatic leaders; and others seeking to recognise and promote the entrepreneurial spirit and development of Africa.

The awards are an exclusive honour reserved for the continent’s business, political and diplomatic leaders, who have elevated and redefined benchmarks for assessing performance in Africa. The awards, which are is nomination-based, recognises and celebrates those contributing passionately to impacting society, making Africa a better place for its people. Award nominees are subjected to a very thorough process of vetting by the on-the-ground research team, after which, submissions are made to the board – as the final approving authority for the award.

In the official notification shared with Moti, Chairman of the African Leadership Group, Ambassador Joe Beasley is noted as saying, “The board and the selection committee are united in their belief that your commitment to job creation through numerous successful businesses, employing well over 2000 Africans, strikes at the heart of Africa’s major problem, which is unemployment.”

The decision to recognise Moti in this capacity was reached after a constructive assessment carried out by the African Leadership Group board during its meeting in May 2018. Having reviewed the submissions made by the Group Managing Editor, and the supporting documents, which counts for 70% and third-party corroboration which accounts for 30% in the points-based process, Moti met the mandatory requirements and was approved as an award recipient and Hall of Fame inductee.

Moti was selected as a recipient of the African Leadership Award for his contribution in creating jobs and investing in the advancement of Africa. The Moti Group will be investing a further $250 million into projects ranging from chrome-ore mining, fertiliser, diamond polishing and pharmaceuticals in Zimbabwe. To date the group has already invested about $250 million, mainly in mining.

A proud Moti said he was honoured to be among those bestowed with the merit of receiving the African Leadership Award and was truly humbled to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“It’s humbling to be recognised for your efforts, especially when it is something you are so passionate about, and when it acknowledges our individual efforts in fighting poverty and creating employment on the African continent. When we change our focus from that of receiving or being net takers, to becoming net givers, we not only positively affect the lives of others, but change and improve our own as well,” said.

Moti will be joining a long list of esteemed leaders at the African Leadership Hall of Fame, some of which include: Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of the Republic of Liberia; His Excellency John Kufour, former President of Ghana; Dr. Mo Ibrahim, Founder Mo Ibrahim Prize for Leadership in Africa; Dr. Donald Kebaruka, former President of the African Development Bank Group; Honourable Xavier Luc-Duval, former Vice Prime Minister, Republic of Mauritius and sports icon, Serena Williams.

 by Matimu Mahundla