The Moti Group

About Us

South African entrepreneur Zunaid Moti was born in 1974 and spent the majority of his life in the business hub of South Africa, Sandton, Johannesburg, where he heads the Moti Group of Companies. The Moti Group now directly and indirectly employs 2500 people throughout sub-Saharan Africa. As a firm believer in direct contact with his employees, Mr Moti has first-hand knowledge of operations and follows a hands-on approach to the Group’s business interests. His passions are diverse, but at its core Mr Moti is, by his own admission, “a numbers man”. His fascination with chemistry and chemical reactions, compositions of metals and elements is second to none, leading him to captain resource beneficiation. Referring to his own destiny, Mr Moti has said on many occasions: “A river does not seek a road, it makes its own path, no matter how long it takes or whatever it takes.”